Stories and Poems page 2

Last fall as I was looking through my plants, there was a little frog sitting beside my bald cypress bonsai
in the humidity tray enjoying the same water that I provided to bottom-water the bald cypress. It was a delightful sight that I later regretted not photographing. However, I did write a haiku to remember the moment.

Beside my bonsai
completing the composition
sits my accent frog

Bonsai and haiku have some distinct similarities, it seems to me.

Pruning the tree / pruning the verse
removing unneeded twigs / removing unneeded words
creating bonsai / creating haiku

Some things in nature can't be improved by design techniques.

Japanese maples
five finger leaves, red or green
delicate beauty

My bonsai are put into covered pits in the ground for winter protection.

Safe beneath the ground
my bonsai hide from winter
resting until spring

I am always very happy to see them again in the spring.

I greet my bonsai
after their long winter's rest
“Oh frabjous day!”*

My hope in this article is that you who read this find some enjoyment in doing so and that you
are inspired to write some haiku yourself. Also, just as you exhibit only your best bonsai, you
can share only those haiku you really like.